Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Thanks, April!

...and the start of May... Thank you for some amazing weather. Not only was the weather great when we went away to Cornwall over my Birthday, but it continued to be warm and sunny throughout the first two weeks of May. In turn this has meant plants have put on good growth, such as the strawberries we inherited on our allotment. Each visit since we've been back - I've come home with a handful, and just tonight, I ran out of hands whilst picking them.. The next best thing was holding up my tshirt. Thankfully no one was around to question my sexuality.

Picking your own is great fun, the strawberry bed is infested with weeds (the slugs are loving that!), so it's almost like an Easter egg hunt!

Comparing this free harvest to organic strawberries, we'd have had to pay £4.56 (going by Tesco selling them at £8.30/kg - and the harvest roughly 550g)! Owt fer nowt is good in my books ;-)

The gooseberries on the plot (again inherited) are also coming along nicely:

Also the transplanted peas that I started off in modules seem to be doing ok, with another row direct down to the left of them:

Meanwhile... Back at home in the garden we've some apples fattening up nicely, currants fruiting (can't remember if they're red or white- the blackcurrants don't seem to be doing much again), blackberries just showing some flower buds and something I'm looking forward to personally this year is what looks to be a pretty good blueberry harvest (compared to the single berry last year):

The tomatoes are just about showing some flower buds too:

Which is great because they seem to have slowed down recently, probably due to the cold weather we've had, but at least they're still growing (I was a bit concerned the compost I'd put them in was no good).

I've also pinched out some armpits, which are sitting in water (a few in compost in the greenhouse too) - hoping to get a couple more plants for free (just as well really, as the sungold tomatoes that I'm growing this year are quite expensive):

Back to the boring real life stuff... We've recent decorated our bedroom, just about done and already Ellie is eyeing up the next room to do. We've an integral garage in our house, that's been converted into a room prior to us buying it, it's currently just really a dumping ground, but now it's set to become a games/xbox/big telly roomplayroom. Best get off now, I've just heard the whip crack!

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  1. Brilliant Christopher i could just eat your strawberries yum yum we have fruit on but none edible yet and your goosberry looks much further on than ours mind you its been sooooo cold here i have been back to my winter coat and boots since we got back from Bakewell even had the central heating on a couple of times har har Dave is still on the waiting list for an allotment so we are having to make do with the ground and greenhouse on next doors and the small space we have at ours put a bed of beetroot in a cleared area of one of the ornamental beds they are not doing very well as one of the dogs keeps walking on them !!!!
    Shame about your games/xbox/big telly room but the kids grow up and move away one day !!!!! all for now Luv Sue & Dave xxxx