Thursday, 31 March 2011

Busy bees.

We've been quite busy for a while, hence the lack of updates.  Ellie has another bun in the oven (now the name of the blog can hopefully make sense - it'll be my two littles stars in the garden!), and is half way through now (or will be tomorrow), the bedroom & en suite are being re-decorated/replaced, everything is a tip in the house, and we've started to plan the 'playroom'.  On top of this, we've been busy doing a new chicken run and have taken on an allotment!  There's plenty of fruit on the allotment - raspberry canes, two crowns (so far) of rhubarb - seems an early variety as it's miles ahead of the 'Victoria' we're growing at home, currants, gooseberries, and erm the brambles too!

It's not in too bad shape, behind the shed is a mass of brambles that I'll have to chop down eventually - but the plan is to work this half in the foreground and then sort the half behind the shed out as/when we can fit it in (I say we, I mean me ;)).

Chickens wise... we've gone from this:
To this:
To this so far (concrete laid, via a few fence boards removed and a skillful driver poking the chute through and dumping a cubic metre of concrete in the area:

Eventually, it'll be home to their new coop (that needs painting - probably done later on during summer):

Oh, and the light sussex has gone broody again (second time since feb).  She wasn't impressed trying out the above ladder I can tell you!

All this whilst El has been very ill with her pregnancy has ensured we've been through a tough few months!  So much so, that all the stuff I sowed in the previous post has died due to neglect.  So I've re-started.. have sown a few more sungolds, and golden sunrise with a couple of aubergines inside, along with some beetroot, marigolds (first time growing flowers!), mixed salad leaves and little gem lettuce (outside).  This weekend I'm planning on sowing some more chillies.