Monday, 17 January 2011

It's started!

Having been really busy doing nothing, I've just made a start to the gardening season again by making an early sowing of some tomatoes and chillies.

I've just sown:

  • Anaheim Chilli
  • Medusa Chilli
  • Pasilla Bajio Chilli
  • Gelbe Kirschen Chilli
  • Sweet Ramano Pepper
  • Corno di Torro Rosso Pepper
  • Sungold Tomato
  • Golden Sunrise Tomato
The chillies bar the Gelbe Kirschen one are all quite mild, but the person who saved the seed for the Gelbe Kirschen posted on a forum (that's where I got them from - a chilli parcel (think pass the parcel!) that it blew her head off.  Should make a great chutney - it looks like a small yellow cherry.  Looking forward to taking some into work for the lads to try!

On a slightly different note all our chickens are laying an egg a day now, which is great.  I've worked out that each egg costs us 5 pence, which is also great as free range eggs are around 20 pence each from the supermarket.  They also taste amazing!  Here are the stars of the show enjoying the recent snow we had:

Not really sure of their names, but I think from left to right it's Bennie (Benedict), Shelly, and Florrie (Florentine).  I'd like a few more, but still weighing up the pros and cons. 

I've started building them a new coop, as their current one lets rain in by their pop hole door and it's a bit draughty which isn't good for a chicken.  I'll also be building them an enclosed run, but this time large enough for me to walk in -which will also contain the coop as below.

Not bad, so far for £30.