Sunday, 29 May 2011

Better late than never?

Have managed to clear a bit of the new 1/2 plot I've taken on - that's a lot closer to us than the other allotment.  Took it on last Sunday (22/05/11):

View from the front of it (South end)

View looking back down it, from under the tree above (looking South)
Turning around, there's a shed and the plot tapers to a point on the left.
Huge Japanese Knotweed problem though.
By Thursday I'd cleared enough ground to plant the potatoes given to me by the allotment site (thanks!) as they had surplus stock.  I'd also erected a (wonky) bean frame, a bit more stable than the others on the other plot made out of canes using some wood that was used as battens after stripping a room that we're converting into a playroom for Seren + the one on the way!

Spuds in!
Bean frame ("Munty Frame" - from a users' idea on some allotment forums).
The idea is the beans grow up the string, then up across the top of the frame with the beans all hanging down for you to pick.  There's 4 courgettes planted underneath currently - a couple more may go in.
The beans planted are Borlotto beans - growing them for the dried beans.  I've also got a load of others ready to go out, Blue Lake, Roquefort, Tendergreen, Yellow Tepee, Ying Yang, Ruth Bible.. I think that's it.  All in all about 200 plants..  A few will be grown for the beans inside, to be used in cooking (and saved to regrow next year), other as green beans.

Must say, being the only person on the allotment trying "new" ideas causes much discussion and whispering!  I've found that out on both allotments now!  

That's all for now as I'm off down the allotment for a good clearing session!


  1. The rain will help the weeds to come up Chris. I'm the 'funny one' on our allotment site too. No-one grows beans for drying - or even outdoor cucumbers or squashes which aren't even that new and radical!

  2. Brilliant job Christopher but looks like lots of hard work to follow and its great you have given the oldies at the allotment lots to talk about sorry late comment been having lots of problems with blogger not letting me comment but sorted now thanks to another blogger oh nearly forgot our strawberries are just begining to colour at last hope you all ok Luv Sue x

  3. They say there is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about! Prolly just that some of your ideas havent crossed their minds and they will watch to see how you get on! There may well be several "Munty" frames on the lotty next year you trend leader you!