Thursday, 16 June 2011


"We're jammin
I wanna jam it with you,
We're jammin, jammin
And I hope you like jammin too"

OK, enough of Bob Marley..  Some would think we (or rather myself..) would have to have a sweet tooth to make all this Jam seeing as we're a family of 3 (soon to be 4).  Well, in my case you'd be right in saying that.  You think you have a sweet tooth?  You 'aint got a PATCH on me.  Seriously, put me down with a Kilo, two if you're feeling flush of chocolate and provide me with a constant supply of tea - I'll demolish the lot.  I'd be on the look out for afters too.  I'm a pig, no question.  I'd eat chocolate for breakfast (I do on Christmas day!), Biccies for lunch (any type - sweet mind..), then polish off a 3 litre tub of ice cream for dinner (or tea if you're that way inclined).  Sad thing is, I know I'll "suffer" the next few days, but man I just can't help myself... errrr anyway--

Back on track!

Soo, I've had my eye on that maslin pan jobby in Lakeland for a while (over a year infact - Ellie would never let me buy it).  Now that I'm the bread earner and she's the lump just getting fat with her feet up all day I decided to buy it [incoming slap no doubt -- infact, that remark coupled with the state of the kitchen, there's no question - I may even have a boot up the back side (if I'm lucky - wayhey!!)]---- erm yes anyway so I went ahead and bought this big maslin pan thing as whenever we've made Jam in the past it's just boiled over everywhere (no saucepans large enough).  On the subject of Lakeland, I wish they'd get rid of the shop in Cardiff, if I go in there I'll blow £60 easily in a quick visit.  Any longer than 15mins and the bank are phoning up checking the transaction is legitimate).  

Argh -ok back on track again.. 

Right so anyway, we've had a pretty big glut of strawberries recently (there's still loads on the plot too - but I've decided now to give it up-but that's another story)- a reasonable harvest of gooseberries and a bit of rhubarb.  

Over the past couple of weeks we've been busy bodies making a lot of jam.  So far, we've done 21 jars of jam (a mix of 1lbs and 8oz jars), with a load more fruit on the plot to use too (mainly currants.. though we've blackberries coming through - and later on will have Autumn fruiting raspberries too!):

Strawberry & Rhubarb, Strawberry & Gooseberry,
Strawberry & Vanilla,  and finally Gooseberry & Elderflower
Seem to have a few small air bubbles near the top of the jars - I think this is either down to the jars being too hot (I noticed it re-boiling when ladled into the jars) or I left it too long to jar them up (was trying to get an even distribution of fruit, rather than it all going to the top).  Not sure really (any ideas on how to stop it will be welcome! - I'm sure this didn't happen before).  Anyway, it tastes good, it's mainly for us - if you have some and you moan don't expect anymore in the future (Dad!).

Just tried the Gooseberry & Elderflower on a bit of bread (freshly baked - thanks El!).. mixed thoughts. 

The gooseberries were sweet enough to eat raw, bit taste different in a Jam.  I'm not sure if this is the elderflower?  It's kind of like marmalade (though it did start to burn a little!).  Tart, yet sweet - different I guess.  I think I like it... I'm not keen on marmalade mind.  Sod it, yes it's nice - I made it ;-)  Quite surprised at the colour, it's almost pinky-orange..  I expected it to be green, mind you that could have something to do with it almost burning.  Mind you.. I did enjoy eating the burn sugar/fruit from the bottom of the pan!

In other news - we've decided it'd be a good idea to drop the plot that we have near Ellie's mothers old house..  It's a little bit too far just to pop over - and with nipper #2 on the way shortly I think it'll be easier just to maintain the 1/2 plot we've got that's a 2 minute drive away.  I'm looking forward to taking Seren up with me and having her trample all over my bloody hard work, ripping crops up left right and centre, screaming, crying, trampling over other peoples plots, stamping in muddy puddles help me out harvesting (hopefully) and weeding.  Should be fun, either way :)  That'll leave El with some time off from Seren running riot - and able to see to the new arrival in a bit of peace and relax (aka deal with newborn poo-ey nappies (yuck!)).  Naturally, I'll make sure Seren will have done her business and is changed by El before I take her out.

Righty-ho, off to get lamped around the head & clean the bomb site (kitchen) up.

Until next time! 

(I did look for a funny quote by Bob Marley.. but couldn't find anything.  I'll try and come up with something witty perhaps later!)


  1. Brilliant Christopher sorry uncle now congratulations shame you have had to give up the other allotment make sure you take the strawberries with you !!! but understandable with the traveling to and fro hope you are saving a pot of jam for Louise and that you have cleaned up the kitchen by now and not suffered to much at the hands of Ellie har har we have had a few strawberries off now but no gooseberries the blackbird has eaten them all a very clever bird found he could get under the netting and pig out am watching the blueberries!!! Dave has old Cds hanging all over to scare the birds away hope it works anyway cary on jammin not done any here yet as fruit so so so expensive hope the wild damsons yeild a good crop love to you all Sue x

  2. :) We popped up to see Sam, Sue - he's really cute. Louise + Paul seem to be doing really well with him too.. I think she wrote on your facebook wall incase you've not seen that yet!

  3. The jam/maslin pan is the best money you could have spent, honest. It'll last you forever, and they're also fab for cooking up big batches of pasta sauce/chilli to use up your tomato glut, chutney and pickles for your courgette glut and just the thing for big batches of fudge at Christmas too :D