Sunday, 17 April 2011

Potting on, sowing & tantrums.

Managed to pot on our Tomatoes and Aubergines this weekend, which was just in the nick of time I think, as they'd massively outgrown their small pots that they were sown in.  Thankfully you can repot Tomatoes deeper [they'll root from the stem as a bonus, providing more stability in the final pots], so they all got planted up to their seed leaves (and some, erm right up to the necks!).  The Aubergines weren't too bad, so they were sown roughly the same level as they'd been in their previous 3" pots.  Only 1 of the type that I really wanted to germinate has done, and as they need a long growing season I think I've missed the boat.  There's still 4 others (Black Beauty), plus the Listada de Gandia means we've 5 plants - hopefully this year we'll get a crop off them as they'll be in the greenhouse rather than outside (the greenhouse wasn't really ready last year).

These are now making the daily trek in and out of the greenhouse as it's still dropping below 10°C at night in there.  Shouldn't be too long (hopefully!) until they can stay out over night though..

After taking part in a squash "seed parcel" from some gardening forums I'm part of (which is seeds are donated to a parcel, and then sent around a list of members, who take out what they fancy, and add something back into the parcel and send it on to the next member - a great way to try things so you can see how they work out/taste/etc) we've around 10 types of different squash..  So as the last frost date is supposedly late April where we are they were sown this evening:

Two of each of the following were sown:
  • Butternut Squash (Hunter)
  • Crown Prince (tastes amazing!)
  • Golden Nugget
  • Green Acorn
  • Jack Be Little
  • Jarrahdale
  • Little Gem
  • Red Kuri
  • Squashkin (a mix between a butternut squash and a pumpkin)
  • Turks Turban
Fingers crossed they all germinate - as this lot will see us right through winter, and probably even spring next year.

I'm planning on training a few of the small fruiting squash up over an arch/fence/whatever (if I get around to building one! - and knowing how fast these grow, they'll probably just trail along the floor)

Seren is really enjoying being outside now, and when I was washing the above pots, she was bringing over the labels, and throwing them in the bucket, then her play cutlery set, and then finally a doll... bathing the lot in the mucky water. Come dinner time having to go inside to eat she was kicking, screaming, arching her back, banging her head, biting (the usual tantrum thing) in protest.  I pretty much was carrying her back in, upside down by her little toe, at arms length to keep from injury!  Toad in the hole + green beans / peas soon sorted it out though, after we just ignored her and got on with our food.  Terrible twos?  More like terrible twenty months!

Found a nice surprise today at the allotment.  Moving some tarpaulin/plastic sheet/rubbish I came across a nest of slow worms.  There were probably about 20 in there (didn't realise, until I tried picking up the "stick" to lob across into the rubbish pile... said stick decided to wrap itself around my hand.  I don't think I've ever sworn so fast, and in rapid succession as then).  Great to know though, at least they'll help  control the slug population!
That's all for now!


  1. My you are realy doing well Christopher we are way behind here need to get motivated else there will be no produce from the garden only potatoes har har Luv Sue x

  2. First visit to your blog Chris - won't be the last. Well done - you have such a lot growing!

  3. Thanks Flum! Have yours on google reader too, as you know my run was modelled on yours :)