Sunday, 10 October 2010


My (ellies) turn to post today!

Seren likes to wake up early ... REALLY early!  And while I very much look forward to the day we all sleep past 6 am, I secretly very much enjoy our early mornings together!  I lay in bed for as long as possible listening to the lovely happy baby chatter, and once that turns into not so happy grumbles, I drag myself out of bed and into Seren's room.

  I lift her out of the cot, and we open the blinds, she usually points at the streetlights and tells me "lights!" ... she loves her lights!  After a nappy change and perhaps a story or 2 (depending on how ungodly the hour is, I like to kill a bit more time before heading downstairs!), we head downstairs.  Now that its autumn and the mornings are dark and cold, our first task of the morning is usually porridge!

Seren sits in her high chair expectantly as I stir oats, maple syrup and milk with our homegrown berries over the stove!  She chirps in with the occasional impatiently yelled "YUMMUM!!"  When its cooked we usually enjoy it sitting on the living room floor, with the curtains open, so we can watch the day slowly wake up!  The rest of the morning usually entails Seren running around, pyjama clad and porridge faced, babbling, chatting on the "phone" and giggling, while I sip on my tea and we wait for Daddy to wake up.

We love mornings really!

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